What I Feel

I've screamed. I can't stop crying. I've gotten past the numbness, and all that I am now is a chest-ripping mixture of sorrow, love, and regret. I cannot see myself moving on. Even though you must loathe me, you were my home. I was the one who made the mistake of acting like a monster, … Continue reading What I Feel


Panic Chord

I started to feel a deeper soft fluttery joyous thing. Unused to such feelings, I let my fear of the unknown take over and I pulled the panic chord. I realized what I was missing a heartbeat too late. I spewed poison. I made her cry, and now our story might be over. My greatest … Continue reading Panic Chord

Only Me

With fire in her blood and a tongue that cut and soothed in the same breath, she had to be a dream. Whether she was blood-soaked or wrapped in gauzy silk, it didn’t matter. I’d worship her anyway. Kali in the flesh, she was a devil on the battlefield, and an angel in my arms. … Continue reading Only Me

Wilting, Wilted Rose

Watch me so I won't die, Or someone might see the tears I cry And the smatterings of crimson on my handkerchief. Kiss me to freeze time. Please, trap this moment, Own it, hold it captive in a jar. Take it out and caress it like you used to me When you get lonely. Call it … Continue reading Wilting, Wilted Rose

Dear Love

Dear Love, You hurt.  You make me cry.  You keep me up at night.  You shove me past the brink of no return.  You warm me.  You give me something to hold on to.  When I glimpse you, I never want to live life without you. Your exquisite agony is something I've discovered that I … Continue reading Dear Love

Whisper to Me

Whisper to me and tell my some lies. Don't walk away Because I know that's not all you can take. You got around to kissing me Goodbye on the and. I knew I'd see you again, But it's still so sad. Hold me.  Please hear me out! I can't stand if it's not the same … Continue reading Whisper to Me

Soul is Floundering

Spinning round, Never touches the ground. His head is grounded Yet his soul is floundering. He wants to touch her himself And not the beast inside him. The beast is all she can see anymore, Even though that isn't what they wanted it to be. Copyright © 2016 by Nita Pan All rights reserved.  This post … Continue reading Soul is Floundering


Hey, how are you? Can we talk for a second? Don't let this worry you. I'll be quick, so here it goes: I like you. See?  That was all I had to say. Copyright © 2016 by Nita Pan All rights reserved.  This post or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in … Continue reading Confession

A Crush

I can feel this feeling Building up in my veins The lurch in my stomach Am I too late To tell you how I feel? I'm thoroughly flummoxed By the build-up inside Why can't you see That I'm just shy? But perhaps this Personality defect  Will kill my wish Of you and I (Maybe) together … Continue reading A Crush

‘Til the End (For You)

The smile on your face, The tears you don't let it grace. Can't you see That feeling broken Doesn't mean that you are weak? ... The grin that covers your eyes, The agony you keep at bay. Can't you tell That she doesn't want you And I've been under your spell? ... The chuckle that … Continue reading ‘Til the End (For You)